AEROHACK Is the largest aviation HACKATHON by Oman Airports powered by AWJ Innovation and .Nxt Ventures which promotes innovation within the aviation/ aerospace, bringing together problem solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, tech developers and designers.

Aviation trends are maturing and evolving at a fast pace which creates a significant demand for innovative solutions across the airport operations. Oman Airports strives to position itself as regional and global innovation leader in order to prepare for the rapid shifts in behaviour, environment and technology.

Oman Airports is leading the way forward to reimagine the future of the aviation industry disrupting the passenger experience, sustainability, security and cost efficient airport operations.


  • Reimagining the passenger experience 
  • Reimagining airport operations 
  • The future of airport entertainment 
  • Marketing, comms, loyalty and retention
  • Automation, efficiency and cost reduction solutions 
  • Sustainability and environment solutions 
  • Transport beyond the airport
  • Safety, security, cyber and privacy


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Terms and conditions for AEROHACKERS 

  • The aerohackers must be available for the following key dates - Orientation sessions from 26/9 – 28/9 (2 in person at the Oman Airports Incubator and 2 1 hour online sessions - Available for the 2 day hackathon (AEROHACK) taking place between10-11th October location Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat.
  • The Aerohackers should demonstrate a commitment and true intention to build a start up post completing the hackathon
  • The maximum team size for each idea will be capped 3-4 Aerohackers per idea
  • The team should be made up exclusively of registered Aerohackers excluding any other contributors ranging from mentors, judges, sponsors or organisers unless authorised by Oman Airports and their delivery partners
  • All teams should be present over the Aerohack hackathon and at least 1 member from each team to attend sessions delivered online or in person either at, OA incubator, online, or any other location that might be determined later by Oman Airports.
  • The Aerohackers should register on the platform provided in order to participate
  • For any questions or queries please reach out to Info@dotnxtventures.com
  • Copying or plageurising ideas from fellow Aerohackers is prohibited and you will removed from the Aerohack. 
  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects. Working on a project before the event.Adding new features to existing projects is allowed. Judges will only consider new functionality introduced or new features added during the Aerohack in determining the winners.
  • Teams must stop hacking on 11th October at 2pm. However, teams are allowed to debug and make small fixes to their programs after time is up. e.g. If during demoing your hack you find a bug that breaks your application and the fix is only a few lines of code, it's okay to fix that. 
  • All the prizes and the prize categories will be announced during the application process.
  • Teams can be disqualified from Aerohack at the discretion of Oman Airports and partners. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behavior
  • Eligibility for Participation Certificate & Prize: The participant/team should have successfully completed all sessions and should have checked in and submitted a project on the Aerohack platform at the end of the hackathon.
  • -  Aerohack is open to hackers across all ages, and limited within the Sultanate of Oman only since the final hackathon will take place in person. It includes but no limited to (Students, Undergraduates, Postgrads, Startups, etc.) 
  • As per our Code of Conduct, there is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, economic status, disability, or age.
  • After the Aerohack finishes, teams the final 15 will present their ideas to each other and to the judges.
  • You are encouraged to present what you have done even if your hack is broken or you weren’t able to finish. 
  •  Participants represents and warrants that the Entry does not violate any agreement or obligation to any invention assignment, proprietary information, confidentiality, non-solicitation, noncompetition or similar agreement with any employer or other person. Participant represents and warrants that the Entry is and will be Participant’s own original work and does not and will not infringe the intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party, including, without limitation, any third party patents, copyrights or trademarks. Participant hereby agrees not to instigate, support, maintain or authorize any action, claim or lawsuit against the Sponsor, or any other person, on the grounds that any use of a Participant’s Entry, infringes any of Participant’s rights as creator of the Entry, including, without limitation, trademark rights, copyrights and moral rights or “droit moral.
  • Participant hereby assigns and transfers and agrees to assign and transfer to Sponsor all right, title, and interest in and to Participant’s Entry and consequently Sponsor will have all rights to copy, edit, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, publish and use, in whole or in part, any Entry, in any manner without further compensation during and after the Hackathon. At Sponsor’s request and expense, Participant will assist and cooperate with Sponsor in all respects to execute documents, and will take such further acts reasonably requested by Sponsor to enable Sponsor to acquire, transfer, maintain, perfect and enforce their intellectual property rights and other legal protections for the Entry. Participant hereby appoints the officers of Sponsor as Participant’s attorney-in-fact to execute documents on behalf of Participant for this limited purpose.
  • Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that Sponsor or other Participants or third parties may have developed or commissioned works which are similar to the Entry of Participant or Participant’s team, or may develop something similar in the future, and each Participant waives any claims that Participant may have resulting from any similarities to the Entry of Participant or Participant’s team.



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